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03. Junij 2020 – Aktuálne sa nič nezmenilo a všetko zostáva ako v predchádzajúcich týždňoch

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Oktober 21, 2020 – Staff Information Events

November 07, 2020 – Employee jubilee celebration

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Start of training at Burgmaier

Burgmaier continues to focus on training this year as well. On 01.09.2019 10 trainees started at Burgmaier. Four of these are cutting machine operators, one mechatronics [...]

Summer Party at Burgmaier

At the company Burgmaier in Allmendingen on Wednesday was health day. From 10 o'clock onwards, those who wanted could lay down their work for a short [...]

Insights into a world company

Burgmaier Technologies in Allmendingen relies on its own employees. The foundation for this is sound education. On the fourth day of training on Saturday, July 6th, [...]