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From the idea to the finished part – Burgmaier presents a new business area during a visit to the Member of Parliament Manuel Hagel

The machine stood still five times per shift: for the company Burgmaier Technologies in Allmendingen, this means in the past an immense failure in terms of the already scarce production of a very popular valve sleeve. Together with the new branch of the company, the additive manufacturing, and some employees who operate the corresponding machines, it has now been possible to solve the problem. During the visit of the member of parliament Manuel Hagel (CDU) on Thursday, 06. June 2019 showed the commercial managing director Clifford Howald and Philipp Albrecht, how. Innovations and developments have not been Burgmaier's [...]

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Winter Sports Day 2019

On the 23rd of February 2019, the Burgmaier employees were back in the mountains for the winter sports day. Departure was at 05:15 in Allmendingen, then to drive over Laupheim to Schruns. On the way there was a little break with coffee and filled baguettes. Arrived in Schruns we were already expected by blue sky and bright sunshine. Shortly unloaded the skis and strapped shoes and it went with the gondola on the mountain. While only a small part of skiing was done this year, most of the group went sledding and sledging down the hill by sledge. [...]

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Burgmaier goes into the future with Additive Manufacturing

Burgmaier Technologies has invested 1.5 million euros in Allmendingen in order to be able to produce individual 3-D prints for its customers in addition to the traditional machining business. This opens up completely new customer groups for the company. Layer by layer, the printer applies the finest metal powder to a plate. A laser quickly fuses particles of powder together before applying the next layer. 10 000 layers and a few hours later, the remaining powder can be turned away manually. What remains is a finished, often very filigree metalwork, which receives the final touch from a machine [...]

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Anniversary celebration: 44 employees are honored for many years of loyalty

Once again, the company BURGMAIER organized a jubilee celebration to thank its long-standing employees for their loyalty and dedication. On November 10, 2018, 23 employees from the BURGMAIER TECHNOLOGIES plant in Allmendingen and 14 Jubilees of the BURGMAIER HIGHTECH from Laupheim with their accompaniment came together by the Hotel-Restaurant Adler in Ehingen. Also the executives and Mr. Joachim Keller, representatives of the municipality Allmendingen, were invited, whereby finally 90 guests took part in the anniversary celebration. At the anniversary celebration employees from 10 years of loyalty and then every other 5 years will be honored. The CEO Mr. [...]

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Health day with fun factor

At the company Burgmaier in Allmendingen on Wednesday was health day. From 10 o'clock onwards, those who wanted could lay down their work for a short time, do various health checks and have a snack together with colleagues. Young and old, men and women, employees from very different departments came to the booth of the Commercial Health Insurance (KKH) in the morning. Some left their PC for a while, others came with earplugs from the production. The booth of the health insurance was absolutely not serious, the mood was hilarious. And that was especially due to the checks [...]

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Trainee Excursion 2018

On 07.09.2018 we were climbing with our trainees in the Sparkasse dome in Neu-Ulm. It went up for everyone. We were very happy about the exciting and great day outside the Company.

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Burgmaier relies on technology of future

Once again, Burgmaier Technologies in Allmendingen has invited to the "Day of Education" on Saturday. The training managers Franz Mall and Caroline Kuhn provided information on the four occupational fields offered in the commercial sector, training as an industrial clerk and the three degree programs. Personnel manager Thomas Fischer was also on site. A dozen apprentices of the company informed about their work. Bianca and Mike Bleicher had come with their son Noah (15) from Mühlen. His biggest career aspiration is mechatronics. The high school student completed internships at two industrial companies, now he is interested in an [...]

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Burgmaier again organized summer party in gratitude for the employees

Once again the Burgmaier Group invited its employees and their families as a thank you for the very good performance of the past year to the summer party on July 7, 2018. As in the past, the festival took place on the sports field in Allmendingen. In bright sunshine, around 420 guests were welcomed. Colleagues from the factories in France and Slovakia also appeared numerous. The summer party was officially opened by the welcome of Mr. Karl-Hugo Schick, Managing Partner of the Burgmaier Group. At the same time, Mr. Schick thanked all employees and their families for their [...]

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Burgmaier trainees are involved in a social project

Already for the third time the trainees of the company Burgmaier decided to take on a social project. The community Allmendingen was happy to provide a suitable object. So it was not the nursing home or kindergarten this year, which the trainees renovated but the playground close to the inn "Zum Kreuz". On Thursday, June 14, the preliminary work on the slide tower began for 16 trainees. The old paint had to go down. Everything had to be sanded. Afterwards, the roof was dismantled and further worked on the ground. The euphoria that prevailed at the beginning gave [...]

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AOK Training Fair Ehingen

On May 16, the 19th AOK training fair took place in Ehingen, attended by about 600 young people from all schools in the surrounding area. Many of them took advantage of the opportunity to find out more about our commercial and business apprenticeships as well as our dual study programs. Our trainees David Wörz, mechatronics engineer, Alex Klotz, cutting machine operator, as well as Ardita Krasniqi and Nina Finatti, both trainees as industrial clerks, supported the team of instructors and reported first-hand on the course of the training in our company. Thanks to previously completed project work by [...]

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