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Machine downtimes are a thing of the past – how a 3D-printed component increases the efficiency of a machining system by seven percent

In the production of valve sleeves, many chips fly during machining. If these are not blown away properly, the machine stops and production stops. Why not use the potential of additive manufacturing (AM) and design a component that can handle the task better? What the engineers at BURGMAIER Technologies GmbH & Co KG have achieved is a real AM success story: With the new component, the machine has never stood still again. The company thus saves a high five-figure sum per year. The State Agency for Lightweight Construction Baden-Württemberg will present this innovation with its ThinKing in March [...]

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Burgmaier cares for seniors on a voluntary basis

Every year, the company Burgmaier is committed to solving social problems with the innovative commitment of its trainees. Last year, the public playground at the Gasthaus "zum Kreuz" in Allmendingen was renovated, and this year, after a short brainstorming session, the trainees immediately came up with the idea to visit the Senior Center in Schelklingen and entertain the elderly. In October 2019, about five apprentices went to Schelklingen with an instructor every Tuesday, three weeks in a row, to visit the seniors and to look after them voluntarily. After their arrival at the senior center, a small tour [...]

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Start of training at Burgmaier

Burgmaier continues to focus on training this year as well. On 01.09.2019 10 trainees started at Burgmaier. Four of these are cutting machine operators, one mechatronics engineer and one industrial mechanic, two machine and plant operators and two apprentices as industrial clerks. "It is important to us to continue providing good education for these young people," said Burgmaier's education team. The ten new apprentices started their day together at Burgmaier. On the 2 following days they went to the IHK Ulm to the so-called "First Step Days". Here the trainees learn everything about their rights and obligations during [...]

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Summer Party at Burgmaier

At the company Burgmaier in Allmendingen on Wednesday was health day. From 10 o'clock onwards, those who wanted could lay down their work for a short time, do various health checks and have a snack together with colleagues. Young and old, men and women, employees from very different departments came to the booth of the Commercial Health Insurance (KKH) in the morning. Some left their PC for a while, others came with earplugs from the production. The booth of the health insurance was absolutely not serious, the mood was hilarious. And that was especially due to the checks [...]

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Insights into a world company

Burgmaier Technologies in Allmendingen relies on its own employees. The foundation for this is sound education. On the fourth day of training on Saturday, July 6th, 2019, the renowned company informed about itself and its product range. The apprentices themselves provided insights into the processes of the wide-ranging education offered at Burgmaier. In addition, trainer Franz Mall, his colleague Caroline Kuhn and trainer Martin Heyland were available for questions. "Every single interested person is worth talking to," Franz Mall said. Also company owner Karl-Hugo Schick and personnel manager Thomas Fischer came with the young people, who were mostly [...]

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From the idea to the finished part – Burgmaier presents a new business area during a visit to the Member of Parliament Manuel Hagel

The machine stood still five times per shift: for the company Burgmaier Technologies in Allmendingen, this means in the past an immense failure in terms of the already scarce production of a very popular valve sleeve. Together with the new branch of the company, the additive manufacturing, and some employees who operate the corresponding machines, it has now been possible to solve the problem. During the visit of the member of parliament Manuel Hagel (CDU) on Thursday, 06. June 2019 showed the commercial managing director Clifford Howald and Philipp Albrecht, how. Innovations and developments have not been Burgmaier's [...]

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AOK TopJob fair in Ehingen

On Wednesday, May 15, 2019, the AOK TopJob training fair took place in Ehingen for the 20th time. This year again up to 600 young people from all schools in the surrounding area took part. Burgmaier was also represented at the fair again. Many of the  young people took advantage of the opportunity to find out more about our commercial and business apprenticeships as well as about our dual study programs. Also internships were diligently advertised and offered. Our apprentices David Wörz, mechatronic technician, and cutting machine mechanic Samantha Rovisan supported the team of instructors and reported on [...]

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Visit partner community Querqueville at BurgmaieVisit partner community Querqueville at Burgmaierr

On May 11, 2019, we were allowed to welcome the partner community Querqueville from France together with the mayor of Allmendingen Florian Teichmann with his delegation. Since 1981, the communities Allmendingen and Querqueville are already partners and maintain contact through mutual visits at regular intervals. The French delegation was led by mayor Jean-Michel Maghe and Jumelage chairman Michel Madec. The project started with a plant tour through the plant in Allmendingen to subsequently visit the new division of additive manufacturing. Very interested and captivated, the group followed the comments of application engineer Niklas Maurer about this new technology. [...]

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Winter Sports Day 2019

On the 23rd of February 2019, the Burgmaier employees were back in the mountains for the winter sports day. Departure was at 05:15 in Allmendingen, then to drive over Laupheim to Schruns. On the way there was a little break with coffee and filled baguettes. Arrived in Schruns we were already expected by blue sky and bright sunshine. Shortly unloaded the skis and strapped shoes and it went with the gondola on the mountain. While only a small part of skiing was done this year, most of the group went sledding and sledging down the hill by sledge. [...]

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Burgmaier goes into the future with Additive Manufacturing

Burgmaier Technologies has invested 1.5 million euros in Allmendingen in order to be able to produce individual 3-D prints for its customers in addition to the traditional machining business. This opens up completely new customer groups for the company. Layer by layer, the printer applies the finest metal powder to a plate. A laser quickly fuses particles of powder together before applying the next layer. 10 000 layers and a few hours later, the remaining powder can be turned away manually. What remains is a finished, often very filigree metalwork, which receives the final touch from a machine [...]

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