Once again, the company BURGMAIER organized a jubilee celebration to thank its long-standing employees for their loyalty and dedication. On November 10, 2018, 23 employees from the BURGMAIER TECHNOLOGIES plant in Allmendingen and 14 Jubilees of the BURGMAIER HIGHTECH from Laupheim with their accompaniment came together by the Hotel-Restaurant Adler in Ehingen. Also the executives and Mr. Joachim Keller, representatives of the municipality Allmendingen, were invited, whereby finally 90 guests took part in the anniversary celebration. At the anniversary celebration employees from 10 years of loyalty and then every other 5 years will be honored.

The CEO Mr. Karl-Hugo Schick welcomed all present, in particular the anniversaries and referred in his welcome speech to the importance of Industrie 4.0 and the new business field additive manufacturing, in which powder is processed into components in the selective laser melting process. Burgmaier has now embarked on this trend-setting technology and was able to build considerable competencies in a short time. For a better illustration, the attendees were shown a video about this new, additive manufacturing method. The success of recent years and the change in the market with regard to the diesel issue was also addressed and that Burgmaier continues to be well prepared for the future. In addition, Mr. Schick stated that Burgmaier is facing further changes by 2025 and that a strategy has been formulated for this, which is currently being implemented by 17 project teams. In doing so, Mr. Schick emphasized again how important the employees and their good performance and support are in all processes and each one contributes to the success of the company. At this point, he thanked again for those present for their commitment and loyalty.

During the evening, each individual member of the jubilee was honored by the respective head of department by a personal speech, whereby a certificate of honor was presented by the management. For the first time and due to the new business field of additive manufacturing, every jubilarian got an anniversary trophy made in this production process, on which the seniority and the name of the respective jubilee were admitted. Highlight of the evening was the honor of the head of commercial training, in which some of his trainees personally thanked him and presented him a self-made gift as a sign of this. In addition, an employee was honored for 40 years of loyalty, to which Mr. Joachim Keller also thanked for this achievement and presented him with a diploma of honor from the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg, signed by Winfried Kretschmann.