Burgmaier continues to focus on training this year as well. On 01.09.2019 10 trainees started at Burgmaier. Four of these are cutting machine operators, one mechatronics engineer and one industrial mechanic, two machine and plant operators and two apprentices as industrial clerks.

“It is important to us to continue providing good education for these young people,” said Burgmaier’s education team.

The ten new apprentices started their day together at Burgmaier. On the 2 following days they went to the IHK Ulm to the so-called “First Step Days”. Here the trainees learn everything about their rights and obligations during the training. Highlight this year was the joint cooking class at the Tavola cooking school Ulm. In 2 hours, trainers and apprentices got to know each other while cooking together and their first impressions surfaced.

To complete the introductory week, three trainees from the older years of training organized a barbecue for all trainees. Grilled was at the barbecue area “Lixe” in Allmendingen. The weather also played a big part on Friday, making it a thoroughly successful introductory week for the new trainees and trainers.