Every year, the company Burgmaier is committed to solving social problems with the innovative commitment of its trainees. Last year, the public playground at the Gasthaus “zum Kreuz” in Allmendingen was renovated, and this year, after a short brainstorming session, the trainees immediately came up with the idea to visit the Senior Center in Schelklingen and entertain the elderly.

In October 2019, about five apprentices went to Schelklingen with an instructor every Tuesday, three weeks in a row, to visit the seniors and to look after them voluntarily. After their arrival at the senior center, a small tour was conducted informing about the senior citizen center. The first week was a game afternoon on the program. Various board games were played, coffee was drunk and cakes were eaten. “It was a nice afternoon,” a trainee reported. In the second week the weather played along and they went out to the fresh air for a walk to REWE, which is always a big highlight for the seniors. “It’s a positive experience, what everyone should experience once,” said another trainee. In the last week, the weather was not so good and they decided to go to the board game Bingo. “We had a lot of fun and it was very funny,” added a supervisor of the Senior Citizens Center.

The encounters between young and old were very refreshing. There were a lot of great conversations, the seniors are really flourished and did not want to let the apprentices go at the end of the campaign. Nevertheless, they said goodbye to the trainees on the last Tuesday of the third week.

Burgmaier would like to thank the responsible persons in the senior center and wishes them all the best.