On Saturday, May 21, 2016, from 8 o’clock a.m. until afternoon, we carried out our social project of this year in the kindergarten “Don Bosco” in Allmendingen.

There were six apprentices in the first and second year and the training supervisors Mr. Kraiss and Mr. Mall.

Additionally, Mrs. Schick, who keeps contact to the group of supporters to the refugees living in Allmendingen, organized that three refugees could participate in this mission. We gladly accepted this support, since our apprentices thus got the opportunity to talk with the refugees and to learn about their reasons and hardships, which made them leave their home country Gambia. For the three refugees, this was an opportunity to cooperate for the benefit of the public and also some variety in the monotony of their everyday life.

Beforehand, we had a discussion with the principal of “Don Bosco”, Mrs. Starzmann, and Mr. Braun of the town administration which tasks we could carry out.
So we could remove the rust from the large swing and then grind and paint the swing. The small soccer goal was disassembled and our apprentices will repair in the next days in our workshop at Burgmaier.

Rather unusual tasks for our team were the cleaning and maintenance of the barefoot path as well as the removal of weeds in the outside facilities.

After previous cleaning, the big sand box was filled again with sand provided by the town administration.

The apprentices and the refugees enjoyed the joint work very much, also since the weather was quite good on this day.

As a sign of gratitude, each of the three refugees was given a coupon at an amount of € 50.-.