At the company Burgmaier in Allmendingen on Wednesday was health day. From 10 o’clock onwards, those who wanted could lay down their work for a short time, do various health checks and have a snack together with colleagues.

Young and old, men and women, employees from very different departments came to the booth of the Commercial Health Insurance (KKH) in the morning. Some left their PC for a while, others came with earplugs from the production. The booth of the health insurance was absolutely not serious, the mood was hilarious. And that was especially due to the checks that were offered: the employees could test their lung function, their body fat percentage and their hand strength. “Of course, we also want to ensure fun and a bit of competition,” said Thomas Rausch of the KKH in Ulm. And that worked. “Women are on average at 22 kilograms,” he said in the manual force measurement. And the first colleague, who grabbed the small device and crushed, was equal to 32 pounds.

Measuring hand strength is not only fun, Rausch explained. Give it a big deviation left and right, have to do with the balance and could lead to tension and back pain. To measure his body fat, you had to take even an electrical device in your hand. “That measures over the skin,” Rausch explained. “I’ll take it,” said one of the employees, who learned her value, visibly satisfied. Previously, she had named her age, her height, and her weight so the value could be read in a chart. “You do not do yourself a favor by just drinking juices and eating fruit,” Rausch explained. Fructose also contains fat.

“It’s our second day of health,” said Human Resources Officer Caroline Kuhn. “The response on our first health day two years ago was really great.” They wanted to give employees the opportunity to do something and to inform themselves. Recently, they have also sealed a cooperation with four gyms. “Now employees can train there, if they want to, at the company rate.” On the health day came the Weight Watchers and at a nutrition quiz, the staff could test their knowledge. Depending on your interest, a company course could possibly follow, said Kuhn.

In the pulmonary function test, the employees had to “blow through” with a small push through a small device. Not so easy, the participants noticed. “I just smoked two cigarettes,” one of them said after the test, which includes excluding asthma. Thomas Rausch noted down the results. After an evaluation by the medical department, he would call the staff again and talk to them about the results, he said.