On Thursday, April 28, 2016, the Girls’ Day took place again all over Germany. On this day, young girls have the opportunity to get an insight into technical jobs.

Our company also participated in this campaign as in the previous years.

11 young female school students from Allmendingen had signed up and arrived on our premises in the morning, quite curious what the day would bring.

After being welcomed by our commercial manager, Mr. Howald, and our human resources manager, Mr. Fischer, our training representative Teresa Pflug introduced the different technical occupations requiring formal training in a presentation.

After the mandatory safety instructions, 2 groups were formed.

One group had the opportunity to manufacture and assemble their project part “pencil holder” on the turning and milling machines in the training workshop, while the members of the second group could try their skills at measuring the prepared turned parts. The girls had to document the measurement results in the pertaining drawings.

The initial reservation soon made way for curiosity and the girls tackled their tasks with enthusiasm. The next point in the program was a walk through the manufacturing department. In the following lunch break, the girls could refresh before the groups changed work and location.

As a highlight, Mrs. Kuhn from the human resources department had prepared a quiz. She then evaluated the results of the quiz and of the measurements, and the best group members were given a coupon. Additionally, the girls were allowed to take home the paper weights with a pencil holder they had manufactured.

Finally, there was a short feedback meeting and Mr. Howald issued certificates of participation. After a successful and exciting day, as the students described it in their statements, they left our plant to start their well-deserved evening leisure.