Already for the third time the trainees of the company Burgmaier decided to take on a social project. The community Allmendingen was happy to provide a suitable object. So it was not the nursing home or kindergarten this year, which the trainees renovated but the playground close to the inn “Zum Kreuz”.

On Thursday, June 14, the preliminary work on the slide tower began for 16 trainees. The old paint had to go down. Everything had to be sanded. Afterwards, the roof was dismantled and further worked on the ground. The euphoria that prevailed at the beginning gave way during the day to the very strenuous and laborious work of grinding. At the end of the day it was done. Everything was sanded, the roof has been provided with new paint even twice.

On Saturday, June 16, another 14 apprentices met to provide the tower with new paint. It must be clearly stated that the assignment took place on a voluntary basis on Saturday. The apprentices have contributed their working time to the social project as their own contribution.

After a briefing and small preparatory work, such as rebuilding the roof, it was also possible to start painting. The trainees now enjoyed, for comparison to the grinding, the more pleasant work. Quickly the tower was completely painted and a break was more than deserved. In the second round until lunch break, this was done again. Then the subtleties were repainted and corrected, so that the children of the Allmendingen community can play with joy on their playground again.

For the instructors of the company Burgmaier it was a great experience to see what can be done through teamwork and that so many apprentices invested their free Saturday to participate in this social Project.