On April 20, 2016, the 17th job training fair organized by the German health insurer “AOK” was held in Ehingen.

This event attracted about 700 young people from all schools in the near surroundings.

Many of them made use of this opportunity to get informed in our booth about the industrial occupations of a mechatronic, cutting machine operator, industrial mechanic, machine and system operator as well as about the commercial occupation of an industrial sales representative, all of them requiring formal training.

Our apprentices Marc Brobeil, Marcel Traub and Mario Carriero supported our team of instructors and provided first-hand information about the steps of job training in our company.

The students wanted to know how the individual jobs differ in detail. Our apprentices provided comprehensive information about this subject.

Our project work products, which our apprentices had manufactured in advance, caught the eyes of the students again and again, and this was often the opportunity to start a conversation with the partly quite reserved students. One fact that must be mentioned is that many girls received information about a technical occupation.

From our point of view, this was a successful event and the team of instructors would like to thank our apprentices who supported them in assembling and disassembling our booth and in their work during the fair.