So-called “Tec Boxes” are intended to raise enthusiasm for technology in the children who attend the school of Allmendingen already in their first years at school. On Thursday, Burgmaier in Allmendingen has now handed over the third module of the experimenting boxes. The school students can now hold a contest in making measurements about the subject of energy transformation.

Burgmaier, since 2008 a partner in education to this school, is glad to promote science at the school with these boxes. The company itself also benefits from young people with an enthusiasm for technology. “Every year, students of this school do an internship in our company”, say Thomas Fischer, human resources manager of Burgmaier. We always get applications for jobs from such internships. Every year, there are new apprentices in the company who had attended the school in Allmendingen. “It is important to invest into successors in employment and to give them good outlooks”, says Fischer, who is glad about the bright eyes of the school students.

Experiments with Energy

While the boxes are handed over, Nikolas from the fourth form conducts solar energy to a Peltier element, an electrothermic transformer, at which he measures the temperature with an infrared thermometer. Next to him, Marlon makes cogs move and thus produces mechanical energy.

School principal Reinhold Krämer thanks the guests for their support. “You can do really great things with them”, he says. The science room, which is almost finished now, is quite an improvement for the school in the field of science. “The Tec Boxes will not get dusty in our drawers”, is Krämer’s promise. Small groups of students from the third and the fourth form got block lessons with them. “This is terrific for the young people”.

It was Martina Hoffmann of the association of employers in South-West Germany who had this “sparking idea”, as she states herself. She had heard that the elementary school would like to have these Tec Boxes. She had established the contact with Burgmaier immediately.

The Tec Boxes, a project of the club “Faszination Technik” (fascination of technology) and of the association of employers in South-West Germany are composed by pedagogues and technicians. The school students are given theoretical and practical tasks, the teachers are given specialization Courses.