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Training Cooperation

On December 11, 2017, the representatives of Burgmaier and the Friedrich-Uhlmann school in Laupheim signed the training cooperation agreement in a ceremonial atmosphere. Burgmaier thus makes a gesture into the right direction and counteracts the lack of skilled workers with this cooperation. During internships and tours through factories, school students of different age thus have the opportunity to get an insight into the future occupations requiring professional training. Both the school in Laupheim and Burgmaier will benefit from various projects and the participation in job training fairs held by schools or from training courses for job applicants. [...]

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PARTY FOR EMPLOYEES HAVING AN ANNIVERSARY: Familiar character also becomes evident in the party for employees having an anniversary

Every year, BURGMAIER pays tribute to its employees having an anniversary for their many years of employment in the company. In this year, 43 employees celebrated their employment anniversary only in the two German plants. On November 11, tribute was paid to 23 employees of BURGMAIER TECHNOLOGIES in Allmendingen and 8 employees of the plant BURGMAIER HIGHTECH in Laupheim in the countryside inn "Rose" in Berg. BURGMAIER pays tribute to employees, starting from the 10th employment anniversary in five-year intervals and invites these employees together with their spouses to a party in a familiar atmosphere. All in all, [...]

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Burgmaier invests in future

Burgmaier invests into the future. Under this slogan, the new CNC turning lathe Gildemeister DMG CLX350 was put into operation in the training workshop of Burgmaier Technologies GmbH + Co KG on October 16, 2017. The investment in a new CNC machine is a big milestone with regard to an even higher level of training quality, says Franz Mall, training officer. In a ceremonial event, the red slipknot on the control panel was not cut through but just opened and handed over to Mr. Howald, commercial manager, as a symbol for future investments into the training workshop. The [...]

2018-10-22T10:41:25+02:00October 16th, 2017|

Apprentices of Tomorrow take a Glimpse into the Companies on Apprenticeship Day

By September 2017, the prospective school graduates of 2018 must have applied for an apprenticeship position with the important companies. The apprenticeship day at Burgmaier in Allmendingen, at Tries and Liebherr in Ehingen was a great help for the school students in making a decision. The apprentices of today explained to their colleagues of tomorrow the work they will have to face in the workshops. Many of them have already taken a glimpse into the companies in internships and so the training supervisors could also get an impression of their future apprentices. In this year, Liebherr has recruited [...]

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460 Employees celebrate Burgmaier Summer Party

On July 08, 2017, the Burgmaier Group had its annual summer party. The party, organized to express thanks to the employees and their families, took place in the sports ground of the sports club TSV Allmendingen for the second time, after being held on the premises of the plant in Laupheim for many years. In best weather, the first employees arrived at 3 o'clock p.m. Altogether, more than 460 guests came during the afternoon. It was a particular pleasure that also in this year colleagues from France, from Burgmaier Precisdec SNC and from Slovakia, from Burgmaier Precision Slovakia [...]

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School Students from Allmendingen make Experiments

So-called "Tec Boxes" are intended to raise enthusiasm for technology in the children who attend the school of Allmendingen already in their first years at school. On Thursday, Burgmaier in Allmendingen has now handed over the third module of the experimenting boxes. The school students can now hold a contest in making measurements about the subject of energy transformation. Burgmaier, since 2008 a partner in education to this school, is glad to promote science at the school with these boxes. The company itself also benefits from young people with an enthusiasm for technology. "Every year, students of this [...]

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Burgmaier Apprentices get involved in Social Project in the “Don Bosco” Kindergarten

On Saturday, May 21, 2016, from 8 o'clock a.m. until afternoon, we carried out our social project of this year in the kindergarten "Don Bosco" in Allmendingen. There were six apprentices in the first and second year and the training supervisors Mr. Kraiss and Mr. Mall. Additionally, Mrs. Schick, who keeps contact to the group of supporters to the refugees living in Allmendingen, organized that three refugees could participate in this mission. We gladly accepted this support, since our apprentices thus got the opportunity to talk with the refugees and to learn about their reasons and hardships, which [...]

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Girls’ Day 2016

On Thursday, April 28, 2016, the Girls' Day took place again all over Germany. On this day, young girls have the opportunity to get an insight into technical jobs. Our company also participated in this campaign as in the previous years. 11 young female school students from Allmendingen had signed up and arrived on our premises in the morning, quite curious what the day would bring. After being welcomed by our commercial manager, Mr. Howald, and our human resources manager, Mr. Fischer, our training representative Teresa Pflug introduced the different technical occupations requiring formal training in a presentation. [...]

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Burgmaier at the Job Training Fair organized by the German Health Insurer “AOK” 2016

On April 20, 2016, the 17th job training fair organized by the German health insurer "AOK" was held in Ehingen. This event attracted about 700 young people from all schools in the near surroundings. Many of them made use of this opportunity to get informed in our booth about the industrial occupations of a mechatronic, cutting machine operator, industrial mechanic, machine and system operator as well as about the commercial occupation of an industrial sales representative, all of them requiring formal training. Our apprentices Marc Brobeil, Marcel Traub and Mario Carriero supported our team of instructors and provided [...]

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